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Part-Time Employment
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Special Usher / Usher

Shift / Hours: On-call, part-time, Varies
Objective: Special ushers and ushers are assigned to greet and assist guests while maintaining order and safety during special events. This is accomplished with courtesy while projecting a friendly yet professional demeanor.
Responsibilities: Assist guests with ticket location. Verify that guests remain in their designated locations. Must be familiar with correct passes for each event. Keep aisles clear. Special ushers/ushers must remain in assigned areas. Diffuse potentially physical/dangerous situations using non-physical means. Bottle check and guest pat downs for various events to insure the safety of all.

Ticket Taker

Shift / Hours: On-call, part-time, Varies
Objective: Accept admission tickets/passes or acknowledges the appropriate admissionbadges/credentials and allows only authorized guest entry.
Responsibilities: Greets every guest with a smile and appropriate welcoming phrase. Determines validity and possession of each ticket/pass/credential. Directs guests toward general seat location. Keeps unauthorized persons from entering the facility. Maintains a rapid and orderly entrance into the facility

Parking Attendant

Shift / Hours: On-call, part-time, Varies
Objective: Maintains a parking system that is organized and consistent. This system includes quick, efficient, and safe access to and from the facility.
Responsibilities: Must be familiar with all lot locations. Will direct traffic into and out of specific parking areas. Must be visible and assertive when directing traffic. Must be aware of special parking passes and their parking locations.

Concession Stand Worker

Shift / Hours: On-call, part-time, Varies
Objective: To provide the guest with a quality product (food and/or beverage) in a fast, courteous, accurate manner.
Responsibilities: Greet the guest with a smile and appropriate welcoming phrase. Respond quickly and accuratel to guests request for product. Must be able to count money and make accurate change. Maintain work area for cleanliness. All F/B employees are to have current health, alcohol awareness, and Sheriffs cards prior to working first shift.


Shift / Hours: On-call, part-time, Varies
Objective: To prepare foods for the catering department that meet the satisfaction of the client while maintaining inventory control and health standards.
Responsibilities: Know portions and measurements per recipe. Maintain inventory control of product and supplies. Maintain upkeep on equipment and utensils. Perform efficiently under numerous time constraints


Shift / Hours: On-call, part-time, Varies
Objective: Stagehands are responsible for the successful load-in, production, and load-out of shows and concerts.
Responsibilities: Must be available to work long, irregular hours and days. Will assist show crews with unloading, uncasing, and transporting show equipment to the stage or designated area. Visa versa after the show. Must work efficiently under numerous constraints. Familiarity with set design, lighting, and sound a plus Stagehands are required to carry an eight inch crescent wrench at all times

Food and Beverage Runner

Shift / Hours: On-call, part-time, Varies
Objective: Deliver product and supplies from warehouse to concession stands and portables while maintaining inventory control records.
Responsibilities: Must pre-stock and set-up stands and portables prior to each event. Maintain inventory control in stands during each event. At the end of each event, breakdown and clean concession stands. Must work efficiently under various time contraints

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